Think of us as an extension of your business 

Our offshoring Solution

We’ll provide you with all the resources to build your fully dedicated team while giving you complete control and oversight. You make hiring, compensation, and day-to-day management decisions, leveraging our entity and administrative resources on the ground.

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Our approach to offshoring is simply better

We take a unique approach to offshoring. Your team with us operates as an extension of yours!

We provide an offshoring platform that creates the experience of running your own satellite office and remote team while maintaining control. You manage your team members with us in the same way you would if you had hired them directly.

We enable you to leverage us for all the resources and experience required on the ground. We’ll handle the HR, IT facilities, recruiting, payroll & benefits functions with your complete oversight. This eliminates the high costs and logistical headaches related to opening your own Philippines operation. 

Focused and Accelerated Growth

How we build your offshore team

Specialized Recruitment Strategies

We have a team of specialized technical recruiters that will work with your hiring manager to ensure you receive candidates that match your firm’s specific needs. As a result, we’ll deliver highly qualified IT-focused candidates at a fraction of the cost.

We’ll support customized integrations that meet your requirements for remote staff while maintaining high performance and data security.

Security is critical for all our clients. We implement custom firewalls for our clients and eliminate any intermingling through physical separation, dedicated machines with custom security policies, and VLANs. We’re committed to full transparency, with full on-demand auditability of your team’s security. All staff passes extensive background and reference checks before hiring.

We partner with regional solutions to provide our team members with ongoing training and development opportunities. In addition, we work closely with clients to ensure training opportunities align with our client’s strategic growth plans and your team member’s short and long-term career goals. An excellent tool for improving your team’s productivity and retention!

Our team understands the specific needs of Managed Service Providers, the challenges you face while scaling your business, and the critical requirements in your promised delivery to your clients. Our team will work with you to design a plan that addresses these needs and work closely with you as they evolve. As your trusted partner, we’re always 100% transparent.

We’re committed to providing a platform that fits your ever-evolving needs. We’ll build a dedicated team that best supports your business pain points. Your team members only work for you, no one else, and they view themselves as your company’s employee, but ScalableOS legally employs them. Start leveraging our talent pool and cost savings today!

Three simple steps to launch your team

ScalableOS makes launching your Philippines team seamless and efficient. We’ll work with you to design, launch, and integrate your team into your organization.

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