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How long does it take from the day I sign on to the day I “go live” with my employees?

Our average time to go live is 45 days. The two components of launch that take the majority of this time is recruiting, and employee notice to their existing employer. The recruiting process generally takes about 2 weeks and moves quickest if we obtain quick turnaround with feedback from client interviews. After that, we anticipate whomever you select for hire will need to give their existing employer the mandatory 30 days notice. If you need to launch your team in less than 45 days, we have numerous methods to decrease the typical timeframe. We’ll work this into our strategy during the initial consultation.

Do I have any legal presence in the Philippines after bringing on employees?

No. All employees hired for you are legally employed by Scalable OS. We are your vendor.

Is there a minimum number of people I need to maintain with your solution?

No. Your evolving business needs and initiatives will dictate the size of the team you need to build. We want to position ourselves to support those strategic initiatives, not hold you to arbitrary minimums.

What if someone on my team is not working out? Is there a minimum number of people I need to maintain with your solution?

We’ll work closely with you to ensure your staff meet the performance metrics you set forth. If they do not meet or exceed those expectations, our HR team will deliver the required written warnings to the employee and terminate their employment if necessary.

Will other clients be in my team’s workspace?

No. Our model has dedicated seats that is used only by your staff. No other employee uses that seat or PC. We’ll ensure your team sits together and any other nearby client has no conflict with your business. We’ll keep you in the loop!

Can my US staff visit for training or other purposes?

Absolutely! It’s common for our clients to travel to Manila and work close with their Philippines staff. We’ll set you up with a desk, training/conference room, and anything else you need to make it a productive trip. Let us know and we’ll provide guidance on travel accommodations as well.

Should I expect a language barrier?

No. English is an official language (alongside Tagalog) in the Philippines. The government operates in English. Any candidates you’re provided during the hiring process will speak English proficiently.

What if I build a team with you and soon after I need to shut it down for any reason?

That almost never happens, but it you need to shut your Philippines team down for any reason, we’ll work with you to do so easily. There is no minimum contract length that we’ll hold you to. You’re free to build your team up as large as needed, or wind it down completely, at any time that you choose.

What about the time difference?

Our operation is 24/7/365. The majority of our clients hire for their US business hours, which is the night shift in the Philippines. This is very typical in the Philippines and is a non-issue. Any candidates you’re provided during the recruitment process are fully aware it’s a night shift position. If you need to hire for US nights or swing shift, day time in the Philippines, that’s fine as well.

Is there a limit, or charges, for the recruiting process?

No. We’ll use your job description to search for candidates at no cost to you. We’ll continue the process as long as needed to ensure we get you the right candidates. You make the hiring decision, not us. Hold out for the right person, someone you would enthusiastically hire if they were sitting right in front of you stateside.

Will I have a foreign vendor and will that create any issues?

No. Our Philippines corporation is 100% US owned and you’ll be invoiced out of our US entity.

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