Solutions to help you SCALE your Accounting Firm faster and more profitably!

We’ve solved all the pain points that typically challenge firms when trying to profitably grow their TAX and CAS platforms.

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The Accounting Industry is Changing Quickly. Is Your Firm Ready?

In today’s market, Accounting Firms are facing real pain points in trying to grow their client base while staying profitable:

Having trouble hiring talent?

The Philippines has a huge talent pool of qualified and experienced tax and accounting professionals. We’ll work directly with your recruiters to source and onboard your offshore staff.

The economics to grow your practice just don't work?

Hiring professionals using our platform will yield a 70% savings while maintening the same or better professional standards from your staff, garanteed!

No ability to scale quickly?

We’ll provide instant capability to expand your practice, building a strong bench for your firm within 30 days.

Solutions for your Biggest Growth Challenges!

You’ve figured out how to manage a remote workforce, but now you can find the employees, or they cost to much, and you have more work then you have staff to fulfil it? We’ve got you covered. Your offshore team operates just as your own branch office, with you in total control.

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Services for Client Accounting Services

  • General Ledger Maintenance
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable & Recievable
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Costing Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Payroll Processing

Services for Public Accounting Firms

  • Income Tax Preparation
  • Tax Planning
  • State and Local Tax
  • Back Office Support

Grow your practice while increasing profitability

Advantages to building your Offshore Team with SCALABLE OS

Immense Talent

Our recruiters will provide you with highly qualified finance professionals to choose from. Bookkeepers, Staff Accountants, AR/AP, Sales and Income Tax Analysts and many others.

Scale Faster!

You’ll gain instant ability to scale up your firm with no need to invest heavily in infrasture. No CAPEX! You’ll skip straight to building the team that brings more profit into your firm.

Operate 24/7

Your team at Scalable OS works your normal business hours, but you’ll also gain the ability to operate around the clock. Can you benefit from having accounting work performed while you sleep?

Seamless Launch

We’ll be your trusted experts in the region. Our Client Services Team will guide you through a seemless launch so you can put your focus on more important things. Launch with no disruption to to your business.

Compliance and Security

We take security, confidentiality, and compliance very seriously. Our team will work with you and your requirements to ensure you’re always meeting the level you demand.

Competitive Advantage

Gain a significant competative edge over your competitors. Gaining access to a global staffing solution puts you ahead of others and allows you to focus on growing your practice faster.

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Save big on key roles critical to scaling up your firm!

You never compromise in skills, talent, or fit with your company culture. We’ll present you with highly qualified candidates to interview, and only you make the hiring decisions. Average savings is 70% on top tier talent!

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Build Your Team of Professionals

Public Accounting Firms
  • Sales Tax Analyst – Average cost of $36,000 per year
  • Income Tax Accountant – Average cost of $38,000 per year
Client Accounting Services
  • Bookkeeper – Average cost of $36,000 per year
  • Staff Accountant – Average cost of $34,000 per year
  • AP/AR Specialist – Average cost of $28,000 per year
  • Collections Agent – Average cost of $24,000 per year
  • Controller – Average cost of $42,000 per year

How does it work?

Our streamlined process will quickly guide you from start to launch in six simple steps.

01. Recruiting

Our recruiters will find you candidates that meet your specific role requirments.

02. Screening

We’ll send pre-screened candidates to you to review and select who you’d like to interview.

03. Interviews

We’ll sent you up with interviews over video conference, and ensure all pre-reqs are completed.

04. Selection

You decide who you’d like to join your team and approve all associated costs prior to job offer.

05. Onboarding

We’ll take care of all the onboarding preparation, including custom infrastructure configuration.

06. Team Launch!

Your team members start just like any other employee you’d hire. From day one they report to you.

Ready to grow your MSP faster and more profitably?

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