The Appointment Setter assesses whether potential clients might be interested in the client’s products and services and schedules the time for Sales Representatives to meet with each client. The Appointment Setter also demonstrates a thorough understanding of the sales process, including effective strategies to generate clients’ interest.


    • Review & monitor callbacks, lead manager to-dos, and all call list widgets
    • Each morning, review the appointments you have scheduled (to ensure they are still on the calendar and haven’t been canceled or rescheduled), as well as see what appointment slots are available to book that day and the remainder of the week.
    • Work with the CRM Manager to ensure all KPI Sales widgets are up to date, with qualified leads and appointments booked daily or weekly.
    • Update contact records in Keap Infusionsoft with accurate and complete information. This will include information that you find via the web and detailed notes about any communication and conversations you have.
    • Send LinkedIn Connection requests/messages to contacts in active prospecting campaigns and mark the to-do as complete using the update form.
    • Use the Lead Manager Update Form to follow the “sweet spot” qualification process and update fields when scheduling the consult.
    • CRM Manager will identify contacts that need to be reviewed, cleaned, and pre-called in preparation for direct mail efforts.
    • Use the CRM to record activities, calls, and outcomes on contact records (notes, fields, update forms, tasks, etc.)
    • Create and send pre-meeting materials (shock n awe), virtual and physical, to active opportunities immediately after booking each appointment and mark the to-do as complete using the update form.
    • Confirm consultations that you schedule as well as self-booked appointments from the website.
    • Reschedule or change the appointment time or type when requested by the prospect or by the sales team. Follow up on no-show appointments and cancellations to reschedule.


    • Prior experience as an Appointment Setter, Sales Representative, or in a similar role is an advantage.
    • Should be proficient in Keap Infusionsoft Sales & Marketing CRM or a similar CRM application.
    • CRM Maintenance & List Building: Continuously work on building Farm List by adding new contacts from contracted list cleaners, trade show event lists, purchased lists, and other sources of prospects.
    • Work with the CRM Manager to maintain a list of “sweet spot” prospects.
    • Inbound & Outbound Leads: Monitor the inbound lead cleaning and follow-up process to ensure all inbound leads are qualified, cleaned, tracked, and followed up on according to our follow-up process.
    • Make 125 dials a day and generate 5 to 10 qualified sales appointments per week, utilizing our 15-minute discovery call process.
    • Weekly Prospecting: Manage the weekly prospecting campaign (Aspirin, Closer Look, & Scrub Campaign) widget to ensure contacts are being followed up with as needed.


    • Should be willing to accept a long-term work-from-home arrangement.
    • Should be amenable to a permanent night shift schedule.
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