Raquelle Pasquel: Leading Growth and Innovation at ScalableOS

Her Unique Journey

Raquelle Pasquel, the dynamic Director of Business Development at ScalableOS, leads the company’s efforts in driving growth and innovation. With a proven track record of building successful sales teams, developing effective playbooks, and streamlining processes, Raquelle has played a pivotal role in ScalableOS’ success. Her expertise in business development is enriched by her background as a first-generation Filipino-American and a California native turned NYC transplant.

Growing up in diverse environments, Raquelle learned the value of adaptability and the importance of varied perspectives. This experience informs her approach to business development, allowing her to navigate complex challenges and seize opportunities with a nuanced understanding of different markets.

At ScalableOS, Raquelle is passionate about redefining the offshoring experience. “I’m particularly excited about the potential of offshoring in the Philippines and connecting US companies with talented professionals there. This not only drives our growth but also creates meaningful opportunities for people in the Philippines,” she shares. This initiative not only fuels ScalableOS’ growth but also fosters significant opportunities for the Filipino workforce, showcasing Raquelle’s commitment to making a global impact. 

Embracing Diversity: The Key to Innovative Solutions 

Raquelle’s diverse exposure to various perspectives has significantly influenced her leadership style, especially in business development. She believes that embracing diversity is key to fostering innovative solutions. Her insights have had a profound impact on client relationships, strategies, and work ethics. “Diversity and adaptability are cornerstones of my leadership approach, fostering inclusive teams that excel in collaboration and creativity,” she notes.

One of Raquelle’s notable achievements includes building a high-performing team for a US-based MSP and replicating that success with a team in the Philippines, achieving even better results. This experience highlights the advantage of having a leader who values different perspectives and can effectively harness their strengths. “Working with a remote team in the Philippines has prompted me to explore innovative solutions and tools to streamline communication and processes,” she adds.

Raquelle emphasizes that offshore teams thrive on empowerment and trust. She ensures her team receives initial coaching and gradually grants them more autonomy, enabling them to excel. “The Filipino people are known for their hospitality, resilience, and strong work ethic, which resonate with our approach at ScalableOS,” she says. These values enrich the workplace and enhance ScalableOS’ ability to provide excellent offshoring solutions. 

A Growth-Focused Leadership 

Raquelle’s leadership style exemplifies ScalableOS’ vision of an organization that fosters high-value growth through trust and transparency.  Her approach, which she terms “Growth-Focused,” aligns perfectly with this vision. It empowers team members to take ownership and work independently, while providing unwavering support whenever needed.

This commitment to growth goes beyond just technical skills. Raquelle understands that creating a safe space for open communication and collaboration is crucial. She actively encourages the exchange of ideas, fostering an environment where feedback is not just welcomed, but a cornerstone of mutual growth. This aligns with the concept of Radical Candor – providing honest and caring feedback that challenges people to improve. By combining open communication with trust and accountability, Raquelle empowers each team member to feel a sense of purpose and ownership. This, in turn, fuels individual growth and propels the entire team towards achieving collective goals. 

The ScalableOS Advantage: Revolutionizing Offshoring 

ScalableOS’ offshoring approach is distinct and highly effective, combining efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and scalability with a deep understanding of the MSP industry. What sets ScalableOS apart is its commitment to providing dedicated staff based in the Philippines, fully integrated into clients’ teams and operations. This model ensures maximum flexibility and efficiency without compromising skill sets or oversight.

“Essentially, we aim to provide the experience of opening a branch office, but without the hassle of setting one up, as we handle the complexities on your behalf,” Raquelle explains.

Clients have experienced significant business growth and profitability due to ScalableOS’ offshoring solutions. “We offer access to highly skilled professionals at a competitive price point, making us an ideal partner for companies seeking to expand their capabilities,” she adds. This offshoring model represents a strategic investment in long-term success and growth for clients.

A Call to Embrace Global Talent 

For businesses looking to scale, she implores: “If you’re looking to skyrocket your business growth, don’t limit yourself to hiring locally. The best talent may be located on the other side of the world, ready to help you achieve incredible success. Embrace the global workforce and unlock the potential for innovative solutions, diverse perspectives, and unmatched growth.” 

She resonates with the words of William S. Burroughs: “When you stop growing, you start dying.” Growth, according to Raquelle, is about constantly pushing boundaries, stepping outside your comfort zone, and adapting to new situations. “Discover opportunities with ScalableOS and experience how our expertise fuels success and drives results,” she urges.

Looking Ahead 

Looking ahead, ScalableOS is on a mission to become the preferred offshoring partner in the IT and MSP industry. They are actively participating in major industry events, engaging with partners, and addressing their needs through tailored solutions. “Watch out for us at industry events—we’re committed to making an impact by delivering solutions that help our partners succeed,” Raquelle concludes. 

In addition to our engagement efforts, we are building a comprehensive knowledge base that provides offshoring industry insights to help businesses succeed. Our resources include white papers, case studies, and other valuable materials designed to empower our partners with the information they need to thrive in a competitive landscape.

With Raquelle at the helm, ScalableOS is well-positioned to lead the offshoring industry into a future of growth, innovation, and unparalleled success. 

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